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Vibration tools
  >V-MER Smart Vibration automatic analyzerClickClickClickClick
  >V-Starter Smart Vibration AnalyzerClickClickClick
  >Technekon STD-3300 Vibration & Balance ClickClick
  >Technekon STD-3300 2 Plane BalancerClickClick
  >Technekon STD-510 Vibration Data CollectorClickClick
  >Technekon STD-500 Vibration Data CollectorClickClickClick
  >Vibration “SENDIG”ClickClick
Vibration online Automatic analysis
(ICM Safe Plant)
Vibration on-line ICM Safe Plant link to Oracle, SAP
Ultrasonic leak detector 15-500 kHz
5 frequency bands
Ultrasonic leak detector 15-500 kHz Spectrum
Laser shaft alignment, two directions reverse beamClickClickClickClick
Laser Bore & Geometry measurement
Borescope Pipescope
  >Dellon GX Borescope InspectionClickClickClickClick
  >Dellon G-PRO Borescope InspectionClickClickClickClick
  >Dellon G+ Borescope InspectionClickClick
  >Dellon D-Series Borescope InspectionClickClickClick
  >Dellon SE-40 Pipescope InspectionClickClickClick
  >Dellon PTZ41 Pipescope InspectionClickClickClick
  >Dellon VM Series Borescope InspectionClick
Flowmeter, ultrasonic clamp on, Transis time
  >Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter “Econo Flow”ClickClick
  >Doppler Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter “Lanry”Click
Thermal imageClick
UT Thickness meterClick
UT scan flaw-meter